Class 1 Gardening Project


6 July 2018


18 May 2018

‘We have pricked out and potted on and we are now caring for our seedlings and the big plants we transplanted.’


4 May 2018

‘We have checked our seeds and they are starting to germinate!

Next week the children will be telling you about which seeds they planted and giving you an update on their growth.

A huge thank you to Isla B’s family for the donation of more seeds, which we will be planting next week.’


19th April 2018

Class 1 have started to rejuvenate the school’s walled garden.  We planted flower and vegetable seeds and transplanted and divided all the old permanent plants to make way for new learning this year.

We made sure we washed all the pots and trays so there wouldn’t be any germs from last year’s plants getting in the compost.

We are trying to make our school garden plastic free in future.  To do this we are using up all the old plastic trays and pots until they can no longer be used. We have sown seeds in broken trays doubling them up to fill holes.

We will be trialling fibre and coir pots to see how these perform to replace our plastic pots when they are finally no good.

Huge thanks to Thompson and Morgan for donating the flower and vegetable seeds.