School Uniform

Pilgrim Federation School Uniform

Kelling CE Primary School

Children are expected to wear the school uniform. Wearing uniform develops a sense of belonging to, and taking pride in, their school. The uniform consists of:

  • Blue or white polo shirt or blue or white shirt/blouse
  • Grey or black trousers/skirt (no leggings or joggers)
  • Grey or black tights
  • White, black or grey socks
  • Blue sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece with school logo
  • Flat black shoes (or flat black boots in winter)
  • Blue checked summer dress, if families choose
  • Grey or black short trousers in the summer, if families choose
  • Sensible flat, blue, black or white school sandals may be worn in the summer with ankle straps (not beach wear)

Uniform for Physical Education, PE

  • Purple Polo shirt with school logo }
  • Black shorts } in a named drawstring bag
  • Trainers
  • Tracksuits (no hoodies) / plain sweatshirt / jogging bottoms in colder months, so that children get outside as much as possible in the winter (these items do not need to be new as they will be getting dirty).
  • One piece swimming costume, hat and towel in a bag on swimming days for Key Stage 2

Jewellery etc.  

In the interests of safety, jewellery should not be worn in school.  Watches and ear studs are allowed but must be removed for PE.  It is expected that children are able to remove their own studs for PE, and to be responsible for their safekeeping. If children are unable to take their earrings out, then parents will need to sign a note acknowledging the acceptance of any risk of injury as a result of wearing these during physical activity.  Make up, nail varnish and tattoos should not be worn and hair should not be dyed. We encourage children with long hair to keep it tied up during the school day.  It must be tied up for PE lessons.